You Know You Need To Stop; 4 things that grown men should not be doing.

Let’s face it, being a man isn’t easy. There are obligations,responsibility, expectations…women…. A large part of the male gender just isn’t cut out to be considered a man. For those that are though, you should get the recognition you deserve. What that means is that when you walk down the street people should be able to tell; “That’s a grown ass man.”

In order for that to happen, you have to look the part. Unfortunately there are a lot of grown men out here making the same image/fashion blunders they’ve been making since puberty and they are looking like damn fools because of it. Fellas if any of these apply to you, take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself what the hell you are doing with your life.

1. Not dressing for the weather

This aggravates the shit out of me. I see high school kids do it all the time but when you’re over 21 it’s ridiculous. You got a hoody on and it’s 32 degrees outside, but you swear you’re fly. You knew it was going to rain, but you decide umbrellas aren’t gangsta and walking through the rain dripping wet is. Damn fool.

2. Wearing white socks w/ everything

Honestly, at some point you should really just abandon white socks completely, but if you’re going to wear them please don’t do it with dress pants! They’re called athletic socks for a reason, if you aren’t doing something athletic then don’t put them on.

3. Sagging their pants

Seriously? it’s almost 2013. We’ve already found out that the origins of the style come from inmates that get their booty holes violated by other inmates. If that alone wasn’t enough for you to stop, now their refusing to serve people in certain establishments because their pants are a sagging past their ass. Nobody wants to see your boxers, you probably wore the same ones yesterday anyway. Grow up.

4. Wearing clothes that don’t fit

I understand that some people prefer more form fitting clothes while others opt for a  roomier fit. To each his own, but if you’re 5’9″ 190lbs and you have on a 5x t-shirt and sz 44 jeans you need to stop. What are you trying to do? Smuggle immigrants into the country? The other end of the spectrum isn’t any better. Can you even breath with those tight ass clothes on? Some of you dudes are one cookie away from splitting your pants. Your nuts can’t be getting any oxygen in there. Oh, and it isn’t just overweight dudes wearing too tight clothes, it applies to skinny guys as well. That’s actually worse if you ask me.

5. Not having a wallet/Having a busted wallet.

C’mon son. You ain’t TI and you don’t sell drugs. Put the rubber bands down. A decent wallet will run you 20 bucks, is that too much to ask? Oh, and for you dudes with the money clips? You aren’t making anywhere near enough to be carrying a damn money clip. Having a busted wallet is just as bad as having no wallet. The ones with the threads all hanging out and papers falling out when you try and open it.

One thought on “You Know You Need To Stop; 4 things that grown men should not be doing.

  1. About white socks, I have to make it clear, not all white socks are athletic socks, but mainly dress socks!
    All white socks I have seen worn with suits and/or black shoes and dress pants, were white dress socks, actually.

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